Determining Your Carpet Style

    Carpet and prices comes in many styles and the style you choose depends on the feel you want to create for the room.


    Textures: This inviting look of cut pile textured carpet adds warmth and interest to any décor or room.

    Plushes:  The look and feel of absolute luxury. Fit your formal setting with the irresistible and lavish velvet-like finish of plush carpeting.

    Friezes: Tightly twisted for a spectacular look of quality and casual styling. Frieze carpeting adds uniqueness to your décor while still carrying a subtle and friendly feel.

    Berbers: Attractive in cozy earth tones and textures. Berber carpeting is hardwearing and durable for more demanding high traffic areas.

    Loops: Dense, multi-leveled styles creates extra interest underfoot. Loop carpeting is available in the most sought-after multi-colored looks.

    Wool: Carrying product unrivaled as the world’s finest natural wool carpet fiber, our ultra-luxurious, long-lasting and naturally stain resistant wool carpeting will provide you with comfort and aesthetics.

    Indoor / Outdoor: Carpet capable of functioning both outdoors and indoors. Ideal for porches, sunrooms, spas and more.

    Choosing a Yarn

    Carpet yarn is made from a variety of materials.  Nylon holds the memory of the twist the best and therefore has a reputation of quality.  However, polyester is more stain resistant than nylon.  There are other types of yarn like wool and polypropylene.