Selecting and Installing Tile

If you already have the tile-we can install it professionally in a timely manner and we guarantee the work. “Workmanship Guarantee

If you need tile, marble, granite, slate, you can drop into our showroom and find your materials. “Lowest price guarantee


The use of glass, cracked glass


Subway, Tumbled Marble

Old World

Metal, Stone, Marble



ABC’s Extreme Makeover

Ty Mortenson, owner of Builders Interiors, was chosen as the lead tile installation foreman for ABC’s Extreme Makeover held in Purdy Washington in 2005. As the lead installer on his job was to oversee 24 tile installers as they installed 5 different bathrooms of tile and Ty Pendington’s special room of tile. Part of this crazy task of building a house in 4 days was keeping everyone on schedule, changing and adapting the design on the fly to stay on schedule, and making sure all the tile was installed flawlessly under demanding time constraints. When Ty’s tile crews arrived on site, the project was 14 hours behind schedule, but they worked 22 hours straight, and when they left at 4:00 in the morning the next day the project was back on schedule and made the deadline.






Things to think about when installing a Kitchen Backsplash

  1. What is on the counter now?
  2. What is on the backsplash now?
  3. Where do the outlets layout? How high are they?
  4. Can they be moved? How many are there?
  5. How high? Full Height?
  6. Any Bullnose needed?
  7. Windows? Butt into casing or Wrap into Window?
  8. Bay Window and height.
  9. Grout? Sanded or Non Sanded? Epoxy grout?
  10. Colored Caulking.
  11. Seal Natural Stone & Grout.
  12. Possibly Enhance Stone?